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Our Birmingham Chiropractor Helps You Control Headaches and Migrainescontrol headaches and mirages with natural chiropractic in Birmingham AL

A headache may not seem like a major complaint, but if you suffer from constant or recurring tension headache pain, you know just how debilitating such a condition really can be. Migraine attacks can be even more disabling making it impossible for you to work, sleep, drive or participate in life in any way at all for days on end. But you're not cursed to suffer from the agonizing pain and other symptoms forever -- not when you can take advantage of natural headache and migraine treatments from our Birmingham chiropractor at Back on Track Chiropractic & Wellness Center, Dr. Scott Duca.

Tension headaches are the most common variety of headache, accounting for about three-quarters of all headache cases. They are associated with muscular tension in the neck, especially one particular muscle known as the RCPM (rectus capitis posterior minor) muscle. This muscle is attached to a sensitive membrane at the base of the skull called the dura mater; tension can cause it to go into spasm, tugging on the membrane and causing headaches. A misalignment in the cervical spinal column can create unnatural tensions in the neck that make some people especially vulnerable.

Migraine headaches are believes to ave their origins in biochemical imbalances such as abnormal serotonin levels. This chain of events may trigger the trigeminal nerve to react in ways that cause visual distortions, light and sound hypersensitivity, nausea, dizziness and overwhelming pain. Migraine attacks can be triggered by a wide variety of stimuli, from hormonal changes to specific foods or airborne irritants.

Natural Pain Relief from Our Birmingham Chiropractor

Over-the-counter and prescribed painkillers are most people's first line of defense against headache pain, but as long as the underlying cause of those headaches goes untreated, the headaches will keep coming back -- and the risks associated with prescription painkillers can outweigh the limited rewards they offer. Our Birmingham chiropractor treats the sources of your pain by improving your body's biomechanical and nerve function. For instance, a combination of chiropractic adjustments and massage therapy can relieve muscular tension, reducing the tendency of the RCPM muscle to irritate the dura mater. If weak neck muscles or poor posture make you prone to tension headaches, we can recommend strengthening exercises and lifestyle changes that can help. 

Migraines can also respond favorably to natural, non-pharmaceutical treatment. A longstanding spinal misalignment could be keeping your nervous system from performing normally, in which case chiropractic adjustment may help normalize your hormonal and neurological responses to reduce migraine frequency. Our Birmingham chiropractor can also make nutritional recommendations and other changes in your daily routine to steer you away from known migraine triggers.

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You can conquer your headache or migraine problem without the additional dangers posed by heavy-duty painkilling drugs. Call Back On Track Chiropractic & Wellness Center at 205-623-5782 for safe, effective treatment from our Birmingham chiropractor!