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Our Birmingham Chiropractor Treats Shoulder Pain

There are many things that cause shoulder pain. The pain can happen after a specific injury, such as a car accident, or an ongoing condition such as arthritis. Soreness in the tendon that attaches a rotator cuff muscle to the bone can also be a cause. Some common activities that often lead to a sore or injured shoulder include lifting, playing sports that use the shoulder a lot, such as tennis, baseball, or bowling, lifting items, or painting. Activities are so common that not everyone understands exactly how an injury happened; they just want to pain to go away.

shoulder pain

At Back on Track Chiropractic & Wellness Center, our Birmingham chiropractor understands that shoulder pain can really get in the way of life, and we're committed to finding the source of the injury in order to administer the best treatment possible.

Symptoms of Shoulder Pain

The most obvious symptom of shoulder pain is that the shoulder hurts, but our Birmingham chiropractor looks at each individual complaint of shoulder or other pain to determine exactly how that injury should be treated, and if there is any other related pain occurring, such as neck or back pain that needs to be addressed as well in order to achieve a complete healing. After a light injury, there may be soreness, but not every case of mild soreness requires a trip to the Birmingham chiropractor. However, if pain persists for more than a couple days, and inhibits your everyday activities, such as carrying your normal load or limits the range of motion in your arm or shoulder, it needs to be looked at by a professional.

At Back on Track Chiropractic & Wellness Center, our chiropractor in Birmingham, Dr. Scott Duca, has been serving the Birmingham community for more than 20 years. and uses a "whole person" approach in his treatment plans in order to go beyond treating the problem at hand, but also helps his patients make the lifestyle adjustments they need to limit the chance of reinjury.

Treatment of Shoulder Pain from our Birmingham Chiropractor

Exactly how to treat shoulder pain depends on the nature and severity of the injury. In some cases applying heat and/or ice packs will be effective. In other cases, gentling manipulating the shoulder with chiropractic adjustments may be necessary to put a shoulder back in place. Your Birmingham chiropractor may also provide you with gentle exercises designed to stretch and strengthen the muscles at home in order to help facilitate your body's natural healing process, and for many patients, it is enough to help the prevent the need for later surgery and helps them cut the need for medication during their recovery.

Schedule an Appointment to Treat your Shoulder Pain Today!

Like all pain, shoulder pain is most often a signal from the body to slow down and take better care of yourself, however, if the pain is persistent it is also a signal to ask for help from a professional. At Back on Track Chiropractic & Wellness Center, we are committed to finding out why you are experiencing pain, and finding the right way to alleviate it. Contact us at 205-623-5782 to schedule an appointment.