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Your feet are the foundation of your body, providing support whenever you stand, walk, or run. Your feet also help to protect your bones, spine, and soft tissues from the stresses of everyday movements.

Orthotics stabilize and balance your feet. The newest generation of orthotics, known as Foot Levelers, enhance your body’s performance and efficiency, while simultaneously reducing pain.

Orthotics are devices designed to provide support and comfort for your feet. Our chiropractor creates prescription orthotics that custom fit you, and nobody else. Prescription orthotics match the contours of your feet precisely, so they are designed specifically for the way you move.

Our chiropractor will conduct a thorough evaluation of your feet, ankles, and legs. This ensures your orthotic will accommodate the unique structure and pathology of your foot.

Types of Orthotics for Your Feet

There are two types of prescription orthotics, functional orthotics and accommodative. Both feature high quality material for long-lasting support and comfort.

Functional orthotics control abnormal motion. They effectively treat foot pain caused by abnormal function and discomfort associated with injuries, such as shin splints or tendinitis. Functional orthotics contain semi-rigid material, such as graphite or plastic.

Accommodative orthotics are softer to provide additional cushioning and support. These shoe inserts treat conditions such as diabetic foot ulcers, painful calluses on the bottom of your foot, or other uncomfortable conditions.

Orthotics treat a wide variety of foot problems, including plantar fasciitis, tendinitis, bursitis, and diabetic foot ulcers. These foot devices also effectively treat foot, ankle, and heel pain. Several studies support the use of orthotics for the treatment of foot problems, including one study that shows orthotics can reduce pain associated with plantar fasciitis, a common foot problem, by 66 to 75 percent.

Unlike generic shoe inserts from a big box store, we mold your orthotics to fit the exact form of your foot. This ensures the proper fit and function of your custom orthotic.

Birmingham Chiropractor Discusses Custom Orthotics

Wearing just any orthotic is like taking an aspirin instead of blood pressure medication; nonprescription remedies are not the same as prescribed therapies. Most orthotic companies support only one arch, which merely shifts the problem to another part of your body. Custom orthotics support three interconnected arches of your foot, known as the plantar vault, which provides structural support that helps you maintain equilibrium.

Orthotics Specifically made for YOU

Unlike over-the-counter orthotics, our personalized orthotics are individually designed to address not only your foot problems, but your unique postural problems as well. Orthotics correct foot imbalances in a way that can properly align your pelvis and spine.

If you have foot pain, or suffer from misalignments of your spine resulting from foot problems, make an appointment with our chiropractor. At Back On Track Chiropractic & Wellness Center, our personalized orthotics offer more than just short-term symptom relief—they also promote whole-body wellness and an improved quality of life.